Water Bra Swimsuit

Are you like most women and feel that wearing a swimsuit does nothing to enhance your figure, particularly in the bust area?  Let’s face it, unless you want to wear a micro bikini, most companies do not consider the size and shape of your breast when making swimsuits.  Most of us feel and look like we lose a cup size when wearing a swimsuit because of the way the fabric clings to and compresses our bodies.

I’m sure many women have thought about how nice it would be to look as good in a swimsuit as she does in a bra.  This is because in a bra, we can increase our size, lift, shape…etc.  Thankfully there were some designers (probably women) who decided to create inserts for your bathing suit so that you look just as good in it as you had always hoped to look.

The company Fashion Forms has created mini water push up pads.  These are small inserts that contain water and natural oils to give you a natural form shaping appearance along with cleavage and lift.

Another company, Braza, has a line called Swim Shapers.  These are also bathing suit inserts to give you a fuller look while wearing your bathing suit.  They have the following options: Full Cup Molded Push Up Pads, Round Cup Molded Push Up Pads, Au Natural Full Cup Push Up Pads, Dolly Push Up Pads, Add A Size Enhancers, Perki Push Up Pads, and Triangle Molded Push Up Pads.  All of these Push Up Pads offer a natural look and feel as well as increased lift and cleavage.