Strapless Water Bra

The water bra is quickly becoming a favorite among women due to the fact that water bras look and move more like the natural breast while also giving the wearer a lift and enhanced cleavage.  Many times, such as on formal occasions, women need a strapless bra. Fortunately, the water bra is available in the strapless variety.

Women can choose from many different designers for their strapless water bras.  Some of the more common companies that produce these types of water bras are Nubra, Lily of France, Fashion Forms, and No Boundaries.  These bras typically cost anywhere from $20-$50.

Another option available is water/gel inserts.  If you do not have the time to find a strapless water bra, but that is the type you are wanting to wear, you can simply buy the water/gel inserts and place them inside your regular bra or inside a plain strapless bra so that you get the water bra look and feel you are desiring.  Fashion Forms has Water Wear Push Up Pads for $13 and Mini Water Push Up Pads for $10.

Some of the stores that provide strapless water bras for sale include JCPenney, Macy’s, Sears, and Victoria’s Secret.  You can also purchase these water bras on the internet  from a number of different websites including the actual manufacturer, department stores, Amazon…etc.