Companies that make Water Bras

The water bra, also know as a gel bra, is becoming one of the more popular types of bras for women to wear.  This is because of the natural look and movement that these bras give the women who wear them.  There are many different companies who make water/gel bras.  We will talk about just a few.


The Maidenform water bra is one of the better fitting water bras on the market which also gives you noticeable cleavage.  This water bra is suprisingly light and comfortable to wear.  The bra is made out of satin and lace with gel inserts to provide the lift.  The nicest thing about this water bra is that you are buying a quality made item inexpensively, around $25.


The Wonderbra water bra is a slightly more expensive bra, around $34.  It provides the same uplift as the Maidenform bra, however it is slightly less comfortable.  However, the nice thing about this water bra is that you have the option to choose colors.

Magic Body Fashion

This is one of the most popular water/gel bras on the market.  It costs anywhere from $40-$60.  It is one of the most comfortable, well made bras on the market.  The only problem is that it is only made in average sizes, so if you are needing a very small bra or a very large one, this company would not be able to fill your need.

Victoria’s Secret

This is one of the more well known bra manufacturers.  They too have a gel bra. Their bra’s are available in various colors and sizes and will cost you approximately $30 or more.