Caring for your Bra

Did you know that you can increase the life of your bra just by the way that you care for it?  Most women find that they have to replace their bras every 4-6 months because the bra is losing its shape, the elasticity is going, or the bra is just becoming frayed looking.  We will look at just a few ways to take better care of your bras and in so doing help them to remain useful longer.

Many women wash their bras in the washing machine with the rest of their clothes.  They simply match up light colored bras with their light colored clothes or dark colored bras with their dark colored clothes and wash them all together.  This is the number one reason that bras lose their functionality.  The regular wash cycle and regular laundry detergent are both too harsh on delicate items like your bras.

The best way to clean your bras is to hand wash them.  When hand washing, you need to use a gentle soap and allow your bra to air dry.  Some lingerie stores sell molds to dry your bra on so that the cup does not lose its shape.

In today’s hectic life pace, many women do not have the time to hand wash their bras.  In cases like this, there are two options for maintaining your bra.  One idea is to have them dry cleaned.  The other more appealing option is to use your washing machine.  If you are using a washing machine to clean your bras, you need to use a delicate wash cycle.  Also, you should buy lingerie wash bags for your bras.  Ideally, you should only put one bra in each bag so that they do not get tangled together and stress the elasticity of the bands.  The other thing that you need to use when washing them in the washing machine is that you should be using a gentle detergent for delicate clothes.  These detergents are more gentle on the fabrics and increase the life of your bras.