Water Bra

Over the years, the design and functionality of bras has changed. As with any other product, improvements are made taking into consideration the wants and needs of the consumers. One of the latest revolutions in women’s lingerie is the water bra. This type of bra fits into the category of breast-enhancing lingerie rather than strictly functionality based. Like a padded bra, the water bra helps to create a fuller look while adding size. 

Many women consider this a nice, safe, and more cost effective way of achieving the look they desire rather than having to pay for actual breast augmentation. As with any bra, the water bra creates the most realistic look when the correct bra size is chosen.  The reason some women choose this type of bra over a regular padded bra is due to the realistic look. This is due to the weight and slight movement of the water bra when worn that is much similar to the natural look and movement of a woman’s breast. Foam or padding cannot offer that in a bra. Most water inserts or water lined bras are not made of just water. They are often made of a combination of water and oils or other materials to offer the right balance of weight and movement. Gel and silicone inserts also provide a similar look and are often referred to as water bras.

Just as with most bras, there are many types and colors of the water bra available. These bras come with either removable water inserts or a fixed water lining. You can buy water bras in the following types:

Push-Up Bra

These bras are often known as underwire bras. They are typically worn to increase cleavage and offer support.

Seamless Bra

These bras are often know as t-shirt bras. They are designed to give a smooth look under form fitting clothing.

Plunging Bra

These bras are also know as U bras. They are designed for side support and coverage while maintaining an open u shape in the front center which is needed in some garments with low necklines, often formal garments.

Strapless Bra

These bras are designed for formal wear and strapless dresses/tops. The water inserts often offer a more realistic look to these bras than regular padded bras offer.

The water bra, as with any bra, needs to be taken care of. Often they require hand-washing or washing on at the delicate cycle. They are designed so that they rarely burst or leak, but due to their being filled with water, if they are punctured by a sharp object, they will leak. Therefore, a consumer should consider whether that is a concern in their daily activities before buying a water bra.